Welcome to the Halloween Game By Anubrata Sarker

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About Me

I am Anubrata Sarker. I am 10 years old. I live in Alipurduar, West Bengal. I study in Stepping Stone Model School, Grade 5(on-: 17-09-2020). I love coding and I want to be a coder. I focus on Web Developing and App Developing. I also like to upload videos on coding. I also give different types of olympiad across India and the World.

About The Game

In the game there is a vampire boy, a pumpkin and a chocolate. The vampire boy is the player. The Pumpkins are like the bullets by which you will shoot at the Chocolates. Press the space key to shoot. If you are sensed being at the danger-zone the game will end up. Now you must be wondering What is "danger-zone"? Well danger-zone is zone 10px-20px around the chocolate. If the pumpkin touches the chocolates you will get points. It is a never ending game. So enjoy this game. Have a good day.